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Ireland – The Emerald Isle  

Lush, green fields, hilly peat bogs and compact cities dot Ireland’s landscape. This beautiful island sits directly west of Great Britain, in the Atlantic Ocean. Great Britain previously ruled Ireland, but the country claimed its independence in a bloody revolution in 1922.

Simple Science for Kids on Ireland - Image of the Ireland Cliffs of Moher

Simple Science for Kids on Ireland – Image of the Ireland Cliffs of Moher

The Irish have a rich cultural heritage. Many of the people who live here are devoutly religious, but the younger generation are less so . The Catholic Church operates many schools and hospitals but this is changing. People gather in pubs, or bars, to visit, sing and tell stories. Many Americans have Irish ancestry and love to visit Ireland.

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Fun Geography for Kids on Ireland - Image of the Bingley Ireland Bridge

Fun Geography for Kids on Ireland – Image of the Bingley Ireland Bridge

Fun Facts about Ireland for Kids

  • Dublin is the capital city of Ireland.
  • Ireland has 26,598 square miles.
  • 4,757,976 people live here (2016).
  • The Irish and English languages are spoken here.
  • Most people are Christian.
  • Ireland has a multiparty democracy.
  • Ireland’s dollar is the Euro.
  • 99 percent of adults can read.
  • People in Ireland can expect to live 81 years (data from 2016)
  • The island of Ireland is split into areas called counties. There are 32 counties in Ireland with 26 in the Republic of Ireland and 6 in Northern Ireland.
  • Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Paypal, Twitter, Intel, Apple and many more large corporate US companies all have their European Headquarters in Ireland.
All about Ireland Fun Facts for Kids - National Flag of Ireland

All about Ireland Fun Facts for Kids – National Flag of Ireland

Ireland Vocabulary

  1. Peat: Moss that has been compressed over thousands of years. Peat can be burned as fuel.
  2. Compact: Dense, closely spaced
  3. Independence: gain freedom
  4. Revolution: war




Ireland Video for Kids

This is the best video we found for kids to learn about Ireland:

This is a video documentary about the folk culture of Ireland.

Ireland Q&A

Question: What do people do to earn a living in Ireland?

Answer: In the past, many people were farmers. Today, some people are still farmers. Others work in the tourism industry. People work in manufacturing and service jobs, like education, health and banking.


Question: How does the Catholic faith affect daily life?

Answer: The Catholic church opposes abortion and birth control. Getting a divorce was illegal until 1997.


Question: Is Ireland a wealthy country?

Answer: According to Global Finance Magazine in 2016 Ireland was the 14th wealthiest country in the world.


Question: Are there snakes in Ireland?

Answer: No Ireland has no snakes, and it’s not because of St. Patrick. Ireland has no snakes apart from in the Zoo or exotic pets. No fossils of snakes have ever been found to suggest they ever existed in Ireland.


Question: Do Leprechauns really exist?

Answer: In Irish folklore they did but in reality Leprechauns do not and never have existed. Believe me I grew up in Ireland. It’s a great myth that brings magical mythical stories to young children.



Map of Ireland

Here’s a map of the country of Ireland and all its cities and villages. Zoom in to get into street level or zoom out to see other countries around Ireland! You can see the terrain, but also see the roads, images of the buildings and even take a 3D tour through the streets of the cities of Ireland, as though you are actually there!


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