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Information about this Bones in The Human Body Video

Learn all about the human skeletal system by watching this great video. This video will be talking mainly about the major bones in a human body and shows some helpful visuals so you will be able to identify them. You will learn about the skull and how it has 22 bones in it with 3 additional bones from each ear, how there are 2 categories for the bones in the skull and which bones falls into those categories. You will also be learning about the spine and its 5 sub-groups, the chest, back and upper arm bones, and all the bones found in our legs and feet. This video will show all the names of the bones in the human body and explains the functions of each bone.

Watch this incredible Bones in The Human Body facts for kids video and greatly broaden your interest to discover fun easy facts about Bones in The Human Body.

This Bones in The Human Body video is will be delightful for young children, from ones partaking in early learning programs for pre-Kindergarten children, till children in elementary school, certainly together with pre-school children and children instructed at home.

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