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Fun Facts About the Sun Video  

Watch this easy science for kids fun facts about the Sun video:


This fun facts about the Sun for kids video tells us about how even though it’s brighter than 85% of everything else in the Milky Way, the brightest thing on record is Las Vegas’ skybeam. You will also learn about sunspots, how all the energy used by man since the dawn of civilization is roughly equal to 30 days of the sun’s energy and many more interesting funny facts about sun for kids in an easy to understand way, so children enjoy learning all about sun. In this video you can discover more sun facts for kids and read here all about the sun to get easy fun facts about sun for kids. To learn about other planets and how they are formed and about our planet Earth click the links.

Discover Fun Sun Facts:

Here are some fun science activities about the sun for kids like to do:

  • Find the hidden words activity sheet about the sun
  • A cool science for kids interactive fun quiz about the sun

So play, enjoy and check out what you know about the sun!

Click here for more information on fun facts about the sun in wikipedia.


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