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Galileo Inventions Facts for Kids Video  

Entertain yourself watching a wonderful special and really easy to comprehend Galileo Inventions simple science for children video:

About this Galileo Inventions Video

Watch this video and learn about Galileo Galilei and his invention of the telescope. In this video, you will find out when Galileo first released his telescope, how his first telescope was described to look like and how Galileo introduced and demonstrated his telescope to the Venetian leaders. Find out details about his invention like what did they first look at with the telescope, how the people of Venice reacted and what happened to Galileo after his presentation. The video will also talk about a brief history of Galileo’s life like when and where he was born, when he died, what his parents and family was like, when did he start studying mathematics and astronomy and how he eventually moved to Venice and started making history with his reinvention of the telescope.

Your youngster will considerably delight in watching this fascinating Galileo Inventions facts for kids video and rapidly improve your little ones’ desire to discover ever more about Galileo Inventions.

This Galileo Inventions video is suggested for kids, from those partaking in early learning programs for pre-Kindergarten children, all the way to kids in the 5th grade, naturally alongside preschoolers children and kids schooled in the house.

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