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Human Body Facts Video Summary

This video is all about 10 shocking facts on the human body you might not know about. By watching this video, you will learn how many miles per hour scientists found a sneeze could be, how many watts of power our brain can produce and how stomach acid is strong enough to dissolve a knife. You will also learn how human hands and feet contains half your body’s bones, how many miles of blood vessels a human body contains, how the stomach receives a new lining every 4 days, how the pupils of human eyes can dilate just by sound, how men also has a uterus just like women and how every human has their own unique scent except for twins.

Your children will discover a lot from enjoying this Human Body Facts for kids video and greatly broaden your child’s desire to uncover even more about Human Body Facts.

This Human Body Facts video is made for your children, from those kids engaged in early learning programs for Kindergarten children, until elementary school kids, undoubtedly likewise suitable for pre-school kids and kids educated in your own home.

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