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Mountains and Volcanoes  

Mountains and Volcanoes are somewhat similar but the major thing that makes them different is their formation. A mountain is formed due to various geological processes like movement and opposition of tectonic plates but a volcano is formed around a vent that allows magma to reach the surface of the earth. It all has to do with plate tectonics.

Formation of a Mountain: –

A mountain is formed by the movement and opposition of tectonic plates. When two of them collide, they form pointed peaks and valleys by crumpling the edges.


Formation of a Volcano: –

A volcano is formed when lava gets collected by after several volcanic eruptions and a vent allows the magma to reach the surface. It forms volcanic stones by cooling down around the vent.


Difference between mountain and volcano: –

  • A volcano is a type of mountain but it has magma, v=crater and lava. A mountain does not have these three things.
  • Mountains are peaceful area whereas volcanoes are very much dangerous and not a good place to stay.
  • Mountains contain water but you will not be able to find any traces of water near a volcano.
  • A mountain will surely have an elevation higher than its surroundings but not all volcanoes rise higher than their surroundings.
  • Volcanoes can be a part of mountain ranges.
  • Kilimanjaro qualifies as both, mountain and volcano.


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