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About this Plant Facts Video

This is a fun video about Miss Katie as she teaches kids about Botany. Kids will learn what Botany is and some fun facts about plants. You will be able to see different sized plants and explains that plants are able to live in different regions of the Earth, even in very cold places. Miss Katie will also talk about the oldest living plant that is 4,844 years old and how plants can live long if the conditions are just right. Kids will be able to learn about the differences and similarities plants have with other kinds of plants. They will also find out about Germination, Chlorophyll, Photosynthesis and what those are. The video also shows how plants are important to humans and what they can be used for aside from providing food.

Watch this useful Plant Facts for kids video and enjoyably improve all your kids’s fascination about Plant Facts.

This Plant Facts video is fun to watch for your children, from those kids engaged in early learning programs for pre-Kindergarten kids, leading to 5th grade children, naturally encompassing pre-school children and kids educated in your home.

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