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This video is about an experiment that can turn milk into a hard, stone-like plastic. You will find all the materials needed for this experiment in the video and the procedures you need to do. The video also gives facts about the experiment like the protein you will find in milk called Casein. When the experiment is successful, you will find that the milk you used will turn into a stone-like plastic that cannot be broken with just your hands. In the video, they show that the only way they could break it was by using a hammer. You will also find what this product was used for back in the early 1900s.

Watch this well provided Simple Science Experiments facts for kids video and better your young children’s scientific interest to find out science fun facts about Simple Science Experiments.

This Simple Science Experiments video is adequate for children, from those engaged in early learning programs for Kindergarten kids, to nationwide school kids, clearly likewise suitable for young youngsters and children educated at home.

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