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Skull Bones Facts for Kids Video  

                                                 Human Skull Facts

An image of human skull reminds us that life is short. Human skull is plays an important role by giving a shape to your facial features. It also holds the muscles that are responsible to create facial expressions. There are total 22 bones in a human skull. They are divided into two parts: –

  • Bones of the Cranium: – There are total 8 bones in this part.
  • Bones of the Face: – This part has total 14 bones.

Facts you didn’t know: –

  • Your teeth are not a part of your skull bones.
  • Human skull has so many small holes. These small holes are known as foramina.
  • These foramina allow the passage of the nerves and blood vessels that innervate the face.
  • Foramen magnum is the largest of all the holes in the skull. It is located where the vertebral column joins the base of the skull.
  • Skull cap and brain case are not the same. Both of them are different.
  • Brain case includes these bones: – Occipital, Frontal, Sphenoid, Ethmoid, Parietals and Temporals. Parietals and Temporals both are one on each side.
  • The size and shape of skulls are different on the basis of gender and racial heritage.
  • A skull has very small lines between the bones. These lines are called sutures.
  • At the top of a baby’s skull, a large suture is there. It is known as fontanelle. It closes up at the age of 2 years.
  • The jawbone is the only bone of human skull that moves. It is called mandible.


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