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Facts About Giraffes for Kids Video
Take a few minutes to view this hand-picked and extremely easy to understand Facts About Giraffes video: Facts About Giraffes Video Information This short video for kids is all about Giraffes. With this video, kids will be able to learn how Giraffes are the...
Giraffe Facts Video for Kids
                                                 Giraffe Facts Giraffe is the tallest land animal. This herbivore mammal can be characterized by its long neck, long legs and a spotted pattern. Even a new-born baby will be taller than a human being. Scientific...
Giraffes – The Tallest Mammals
Giraffes – The Tallest Mammals What if you could look in a second story window without even standing on your tiptoes? Giraffes can. Giraffes are the tallest mammals. Their legs are 6 feet long and so are their necks. Wild giraffes live only in