Alfred Nobel


Alfred Nobel was a Swedish inventor, chemist and weapons developer. He is best known for the invention of dynamite. His complete name was Alfred Bernhard Nobel. He was born on October 21, 1833. His father Immanuel Nobel was an engineer, architect, inventor and industrialist.

He invented both the process of making plywood and the torpedo. Immanuel played a major role in influencing Alfred’s interest in science.  Alfred was in his 20s at the time when he filed for his first patent. This patent was for a gas meter. He held 350 patents and established 90 armaments factories.


Fast Facts: –

  • He established the five Nobel Prizes through his will on 27 November 1895.
  • Alfred Nobel also has an appreciation for literature. He often wrote poetry and drafted a few novels.
  • Just before his death, he also wrote a tragic play named as ‘Nemesis’.
  • The synthetic element called Nobelium in the periodic table is named after him.
  • In September 1864, his nitroglycerine factory blew up killing five people including his brother Emil.
  • In the same year, Alfred got the blasting cap detonator patented.
  • Alfred Nobel was once called the Merchant of Death by the press because he made his fortune through explosives.
  • He made his last discovery in the realm of explosives in 1896. It was progressive smokeless powder.
  • He suffered from chronic bad health. He died of a stroke on December 10, 1896, in San Remo, Italy.
  • He left his wealth in the trust to fund the awards bearing his name.