Finland and Scandinavia


At the very top of Northern Europe sits Scandinavia. Scandinavia is comprised of Norway, Denmark and Sweden. Along with Finland, these countries represent an ancient way of life. Much of Scandinavia sits in the Arctic Circle which makes winters here cold and snowy.

All about Finland and Scandinavia for Kids - Winter in Finland and Scandinavia image

All about Finland and Scandinavia for Kids – Winter in Finland and Scandinavia image

During the summer, the sun shines both day and night. It would be hard to go to sleep when the sun never sets! During the winter, though, the sun never shines, even during the day. At the most northern part of Scandinavia, it is dark for two months!

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Fun Facts about Finland and Scandinavia for Kids

Easy Kids Science Facts All about Finland and Scandinavia - Nature in Finland and Scandinavia image

Easy Kids Science All about Finland and Scandinavia Facts – Nature in Finland and Scandinavia image

  • Norway, Sweden and Finland seem wild. They are covered with forests and swift rivers.
  • Norway and Sweden have many mountains while Finland and Denmark are low-lying. Denmark is known to have many farms.
  • Most people in these countries live near the sea or near lakes.
  • The people of Scandinavia have a high quality of life. They pay very high taxes, but this way the wealth is better shared; the Scandinavian people thus get good education, health and social benefits, great infrastructure and a safer, cleaner public transport system. Therefore, most of the population enjoy a good standard of living.
  • The northern part of Scandinavia is called Lapland.
  • The Lapland region is inhabited by Sami people. These people have their own language. The five Sami languages spoken in Lapland are North, South, Skolt, Inari and Lule.
  • They herd reindeer for meat and milk in Lapland.
  • The other languages spoken in Scandinavia includes Danish, Swedish and Norwegian.

Finland and Scandinavia Vocabulary

  1. Comprise: made up of; includes
  2. Represent: symbolize
  3. Arctic Circle: the northern most part of the Earth
  4. Swift: fast
  5. Resource: the tools or products needed for life; includes food, shelter, healthcare, employment and education
  6. Infrastructure: the basic facilities needed by the country

All about Finland and Scandinavia Video for Kids

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Finland and Scandinavia Q&A

Question: How large is Scandinavia?

Answer: Scandinavia is approximately 1,850 kilometers, which is 1,150 miles long or 340,000 square miles. The peninsula has a width varying from 370-805 kilometers or 230-500 miles. This makes Scandinavia the largest peninsula in Europe.

Map of Finland and Scandinavia

Here’s a map of Finland and Scandinavia, and all its cities and villages. Zoom in to get into street level or zoom out to see other countries around Finland and Scandinavia! You can see the terrain, but also see the roads, images of the buildings and even take a 3D tour through the streets of the cities in Finland and Scandinavia, as though you are actually there!


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