Martin Luther


Religion has always been important to people. From the earliest times, people believed in a God, or Gods. Religion helps people make sense of the world. It guides them in how to live life. It helps them know right from wrong. Religious values are good in many ways.

Geography Facts for Kids All About Martin Luther - Image of Martin Luther

Geography Facts for Kids All About Martin Luther – Image of Martin Luther

Because religion is so important, people sometimes argue over it. Wars have been fought and countries invaded over religion. For over 1,000 years, the Catholic Church was the main religion in Europe and many other parts of the world. One man broke the power of the Catholic Church and started a major revolt.

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Martin Luther was born in a village in Germany. His parents were peasants. They wanted Martin to become a lawyer. But one day, Martin got caught in a terrible lightning storm. He promised God that he would become a monk if he lived through the storm. He survived and kept his promise.

Fun Facts About Martin Luther for Kids

  • Martin Luther went to study in Rome. He discovered that many of the leaders of the Catholic Church were dishonest and corrupt. People paid them money to get into heaven. Luther thought that this was wrong.
  • Luther wrote a paper explaining why he was unhappy with the Church. He nailed the paper on the doors of the church and the university where he taught and studied.
  • People made copies of the paper, which is called the 95 Theses. Many people agreed with Martin.
  • The leaders of the Catholic Church were angry with Martin Luther. They excommunicated him. He went into hiding so he wouldn’t be killed.
  • He started his own church, the Lutheran church. The Lutheran church believes some of the things that the Catholic Church believes.
  • Martin Luther translated the Bible into German. He wanted everyone to be able to read the Bible.

Martin Luther Vocabulary

  1. Invade: take over and conquer
  2. Revolt: when people rise up and demand change
  3. Corrupt: lacking integrity; seeking evil
  4. Excommunicate: kick out; no longer a member

All About Martin Luther Video for Kids

Watch this awesome Martin Luther video for kids to learn more about Martin Luther:

Martin Luther Q&A

Question: Was Martin Luther married?

Answer: Martin Luther married Katharina von Bora, who was previously a nun. They had six children.


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