All About Soil


Soil is like a cake made from lots of different things. Soil consists of crumbling rock or sand, clay, dead plant and animal remains, fungi and even manure. It also contains lots of tiny creatures, such as earthworms. Earthworms turn the plant and animal material into nutrients. They also dig through the soil, which lightens and loosens it so plants grow better.

Earth Science Facts for Kids All About Soil - Image of Soil

Earth Science Facts for Kids All About Soil – Image of Soil

Fun Facts About What is in Soil for Kids

  • The soil consists of several layers. The top layers of soil are rich in organic matter. These are the layers that are best for growing crops. Underneath are layers of soil that are hard or sandy. Beneath these layers is rock.
  • Volcanic soil is very rich because minerals in the volcanic break down in the soil.
  • Plants need nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, copper and other elements to grow.

Soil Vocabulary

  1. Fungi: funguses, such as mushrooms
  2. Manure: animal waste
  3. Organic: from plants or animals

All About Soil Video for Kids

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Soil Q&A

Question: Can humans change the soil?

Answer: When you add compost or manure to your garden, you’re improving the soil’s health. When humans strip away soil or use a lot of pesticides, they may damage the soil.


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