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What is this All About the Human Ear Video

Did you hear that? No? Do you want to know why? Check out how your ears work in this clip that explains it all. Amazing to think that what we call sound in the air is really a vibration and it is a language that our ears can translate without us even thinking about it! Everything from your mom’s voice, to music, to the annoying car alarm going off down the street gets to shake tiny pieces within your ear and make it to the inside of your head as something you can understand. This video breaks down the incredible process that takes place inside your ears into a basic and easily understood format. This will show you the mechanics of how sound makes it from the vibrations in the air around us to a coherent concept in our brains.

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This All About the Human Ear video is safe to watch for children, from those participating in early learning programs for pre-Kindergarten children, to kids in grades 1-5, clearly also including preschoolers children and kids in far-off schools.

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