Less than one hundred years ago, most people were born, lived and died within 100 miles or less. Today, people can travel all over the world in a few days or weeks. Modern transportation has changed how people work and live. People can live in one place, but work with people in another country.

Fun Facts for Kids All About Transportation - Image of Trucks Used for Transportation

Fun Facts for Kids All About Transportation – Image of Trucks Used for Transportation

Fun Facts About Transportation for Kids

  • One of the oldest type of transportation is by boat. Sea traders set out in small boats thousands of years ago to trade their goods with other people. Today, ships still use old sea trade routes.
  • In some parts of the world, people still travel mostly by walking or by riding animals, such as donkeys, horses and camels.
  • In the U.S., people get around mostly by cars. The U.S. has a vast system of roads and highways to take people where they need to go. Trucks deliver food and goods to stores.
  • In cities around the world, people travel on buses, street cars and subways. These modes of transportation are quick, inexpensive and often cleaner than cars.
  • Flying is one of the most popular ways to reach faraway destinations. Over half a million people are in the air at any one time.

Transportation Vocabulary

  1. Transportation: method for getting from one place to another
  2. Sea trade routes: Routes or ocean paths for easiest travel by sea
  3. Vast: large
  4. Destination: end of a journey

All About Transportation Video for Kids

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Transportation Q&A

Question: What is the fastest form of transportation?

Answer: Fast speed trains, such as China’s Shangai Maglev train can go over 250 miles per hour. Inventor Elon Musk has designed a train that he believes can go up to 700 miles per hour. Right now, though, commercial jet planes are among the fastest forms of transportation for most of us. They fly an average of 500 miles per hour.


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