Amazing Hail Storm Video for Kids


                                               Hail Storm

A hail is an ice ball of undefined size and shape. These are generally known as hailstones. Sometimes they can be harmless but at sometimes, they cause a lot of damage. They can damage cars, glass windows and can injure people. It is something which happens in the most parts of the world. They are made up of water ice. They can vary in size. They are produced in heavy rains and thunderstorms.

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Creation of a hail: –

A hail is created by strong and upward motions of air but a lower freeze level. Larger hails are created due to more pressure. When it becomes too heavy for the up draft to keep, it falls. They can be created in any continent. Larger hails fall at higher speed. A hail has many layers of ice water stacked together. Hail formation depends on the air temperature. If the air temperature is very cold, hail formation will be high. A hail starts it life from a small droplet of super cooled water.

Hailstorms can cause: –

  • Major power cuts or black outs.
  • Injury to human beings and animals
  • Damage to vehicles, air crafts etc.
  • Complete damage to crops.

After cutting a hailstone in half, ice rings will be visible. Number of rings shows that how many times the hailstone traveled to the top of the storm cloud.