Arm Bones Facts for Kids Video


                                                  Arm Bones Facts

The human arm is made from three long bones. These bones are linked at the elbow by a hinge joint. Two bones in the lower arm are Radius and Ulna. Radius is used to support the thumb side of your wrist and Ulna supports the outside of your wrist. At wrist, major arteries come near to the surface as compared to any other place in your body. This is the reason that wrist is the best place to check the pulse.

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Quick Facts: –

  • The bone in your upper arm is called the funny bone or the Humerus.
  • Your shoulder is one of the most flexible but least stable joint of your body.
  • Human shoulder is supported by six major muscle groups.
  • The point, at which the ends of radius and ulna combine, forms wrist. It is formally known as the carpus.
  • There are 8 carpal bones: – scaphoid, lunate, pisiform, trapezium, trapezoid, capitates, hamate and triquetrum.
  • Your hand has a total of 27 bones. There are three series of bones in every finger.
  • The Radius and Ulna are more likely to get broken.
  • You do not have any muscles in your fingers.
  • The Ulna is larger as compared to the Radius.
  • The index finger is the least needed one out of your all fingers.
  • Venna Amoris is the vein on your ring finger that has a direct line with your heart.
  • Your shoulder socket is made up of your collarbone and shoulder blade. Collarbone is known as clavicle and the shoulder blade is known as scapula.
  • Your elbow allows you to rotate your hand and forearm by more than 180 degrees.
  • No one has perfectly straight fingers.
  • Nine individual muscles are used to control your thumb and these muscles are controlled by three major hand nerves.