Best Charles Darwin Biography Video for Kids


                                    Charles Darwin Biography

Charles Darwin was an influential naturalist from the UK. He introduced the Theory of Evolution. The theory stated that all of life on the earth had descended from a common ancestor. He influenced our knowledge of life on the earth.

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Fast Facts: –

  • His full name was Charles Robert Darwin. He was born on February 12, 1809.
  • He shared his birthday with Abraham Lincoln.
  • His father Robert Darwin was a physician and wanted his son to follow his steps.
  • In 1831, he was offered a position of naturalist on HMS Beagle. The voyage was a five year mission.
  • Darwin’s major work was ‘On the Origin of Species’.
  • He married his first cousin Emma Wedgewood in 1839.
  • Charles and Emma had 10 kids.
  • He went to the University of Edinburgh to study medicine but dropped out in the second year.
  • Later, he went to the University of Cambridge to get a degree of B.A.
  • He dined on animals which were unknown to human palate.
  • Charles Darwin was elected to the Royal Society in 1839 and to the French Academy of Sciences in 1878.
  • He died on April 19, 1882 and after that buried in Westminster Abbey.