Charles Darwin


                                           Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin was a geologist and naturalist, born in Shrewsbury, England on February 12, 1809. He explained all the biological changes by introducing a theory of evolution. He gave the idea that all the species of life have evolved from common ancestors.

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Fast facts: –

  • His complete name was Charles Robert Darwin.
  • Darwin visited ecologically diverse areas such as Australia, Chile, and Brazil etc. during his five year long voyage on the HMS Beagle.
  • Darwin shared his birthday with US president Abraham Lincoln.
  • He suffered from chronic illness.
  • In 1859, he wrote a book ‘On the Origin of Species’ publishing his theory of evolution.
  • He is often called as ‘Father of Evolution’.
  • He married his first cousin Emma Wedgewood. The couple had 10 children but 3 of them sadly died. Two as infants and one aged of 10.
  • Darwin dropped out of medical school.
  • At Cambridge University, he joined a weekly group called ‘Gourmet Club’. Motive of this group was to find and eat strange meat. He once ate an owl.
  • Captain FitzRoy named the highest peak in Tierra del Fuego, Mount Darwin.
  • He was an obsessive enthusiast of backgammon.
  • Darwin was an abolitionist.