Best Dolphin Facts Video for Kids


                                          Best Dolphin Facts

Dolphins are truly lovable creatures. They are cetacean marine mammals. There are about 43 different species of dolphins that swim the waters of the world. 5 of them are river dolphins and 38 of them are marine dolphins. They are intelligent and curious creatures. A female dolphin is known as cow, male dolphin is known as bull and baby dolphin is known as a calf. They are carnivorous and feed upon fish, squid and other small sea creatures. They can swim at speed of 25 miles per hours. Dolphins generally swim by moving their tails up and down. Killer whale is not a whale but a dolphin. They are the largest species off dolphins.

Fun Facts: –

  • Most of the species live in saltwater but a few of them also live in freshwater.
  • Maui’s Dolphin is the smallest species of dolphins.
  • Dolphins have a fin on their back that is known as the dorsal fin. This fin is unique to each individual and can be used to identify them.
  • They have only one predator in the ocean that is shark.
  • Dolphins do not lay eggs. They give birth to babies underwater.
  • They never fall fully asleep. Half of their brain always stays awake so that they can breathe.
  • They have two stomachs like a cow. The first one stores the food for them and their digestion takes place in the second one.
  • They are social creatures and generally live in groups. These groups are called pods.
  • They are usually very mild tempered but can be aggressive sometimes.
  • They have very delicate skin that can be easily damaged if comes in contact with other surfaces.
  • Dolphins cannot breathe under water.
  • They do not drink water like all other mammals do. They get the required amount of water from the fish they eat.
  • They have a constant body temperature like other mammals.