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About this Igneous Rock Video

This is an educational video about Igneous Rocks and talks about the different aspects and facts about them. With this video, you will learn how igneous rocks form, how igneous rocks look and have different classifications even though they are all formed the same way. The video will show a labeled diagram to show how the cooling rate of the magma affects the forming of igneous rocks. You will also learn about the properties of igneous rocks to differentiate them from other types or rocks and see some examples of several kinds of igneous rocks. You will be able to see how texture and mineral composition are just some of the properties igneous rocks have. The video will also be talking about intrusive and extrusive igneous rocks.

Watch this interesting Igneous Rock facts for kids video and enjoyably smarten-up your young children’s curiosity about Igneous Rock.

This Igneous Rock video is meant for your kids, from those partaking in early learning programs for Kindergarten kids, all the way to grade school children, obviously encompassing preschool kids and children schooled at home.

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