Best Mean Median Mode Range Video for Kids


                               Mean, Median, Mode and Range

This video teaches kids all about the mean, median, mode and range in math. Mean, median and mode are three different kinds of averages in statistics. All three of them have their own different uses and they are required in different cases.

Mean: – To calculate the mean of a given data set, we need to add all the numbers in it and divide it by the number of values. This term also have different meanings depending on the context whether it is being used in mathematics or statistics. The mean is generally denoted as x̄ and pronounced as ‘x bar’.

Median: – Median can be defined as a value that divides a data set into exact two halves. We need to find a value which is physically located between the rest of the numbers. First of all, the values need to be arranged in ascending order. When the number of values is odd then we can easily pick the number which is in the middle of the list. If the number of values is even then the median can be found by calculating the mean of both the middle values.

Mode: – In a specific data set, mode can be defined as the value that has occurred most of the times. This measure of central tendency can tell us the value with the highest reoccurrence. It is possible that a data set can have two or more modes. Such data sets are known as multimodal ones.

Range: – The range can be defined as the highest and lowest values within a given data set. In mathematics and statistics, range has different meanings. It can be significantly affected by extremely large or small values.