Recycling – Kids Video


Recycle for kids video:

                                                     Recycle Facts

Recycling things is an excellent way of saving energy and conserving the environment. It is a process of turning waste material into new and useful products. It is the part of waste disposal hierarchy which is Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. A variety of materials can be recycled like paper, glass, metal, plastic etc. Recycling can make a difference in the environment.

It helps in reducing energy and saves potentially useful materials from being wasted. In the United States, aluminum cans are the most recycled item. Recycling aluminum can save a great deal of energy.


Quick Facts: –

  • If you recycle a single aluminum can then you can save enough energy to run your home television for about three hours.
  • More than 60% of the trash that ends up in the dustbin could be recycled.
  • An average person throws away 4 pounds of trash every day and makes about 15 tons of solid waste every year
  • For each ton of recycled glass, approximately 315 kilograms of carbon dioxide is prevented from being released into the atmosphere.
  • Evidence shows that humans have been recycling various things for thousands of years.
  • Powerful magnets are used to sort through different types of metals.
  • One recycled glass bottle can save enough energy to power a computer for about 25 minutes.
  • Recycling paper requires 70% less energy as compared to the required energy for making it from raw materials.
  • The glass that needs to be recycled is often separated into colors because even after recycling, glass keeps its color.
  • So much plastic ends up in our oceans harming our beautiful sea creatures like sharks, dolphins, whales etc. You can help protect our oceans with simply steps – do not use plastic straws, ask for a paper straw – try not to use plastic bags, use paper or a cardboard box if shopping.