Best Spider Monkey Facts for Kids Video


                                          Spider Monkey Facts

Spider Monkey is one of the primitive species of monkeys. There are total 7 species of Spider Monkeys. They got this name because they hang from the trees by holding different branches. They live in South and Central America and some parts of Mexico. They live in wet and dense tropical rainforests. Their size varies from one species to another.

Facts you didn’t know: –

  • They have a long and prehensile tail which is used as their fifth limb. It makes their movement easier through the dense vegetation.
  • They only have four curved fingers which look like a hook and lack a thumb.
  • Spider monkeys spend most of their lives in the treetops and can be rarely seen on the ground.
  • They are very social animals and generally live in group. A group of Spider Monkeys is called a troop.
  • A single troop can consist of 20-30 members.
  • Almost 90% of their diet includes plant based food. Other than that, they eat insects and birds’ eggs.
  • They use different types of vocalisation like scream or sobbing sounds to communicate with each other.
  • Their main predators are Jaguar, Puma, Snakes etc.
  • They do not have any specific mating season. They can breed throughout the whole year.
  • Spider Monkeys have a gestation period of 7 months and they can produce only one baby at once.
  • Their average lifespan is 28-30 years.