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Entertain yourself viewing a wonderful chosen and extremely simple to comprehend Static Electricity simple science for kids video:

Why Watch this Static Electricity Video

This fun video is all about static electricity and shares some fun facts about them. With this video, you will learn about electrostatics, what causes static electricity and where does the electric charge come from. This video explains in a simple way how rubbing a balloon on your sleeve can produce static electricity because the balloon will be negatively charged. You will also find out how this happens to a balloon but not on a conducting material made from metal. Find out how conductors and insulators affect static electricity and how attraction of objects depends on the charge of an object.

This video about Static Electricity offers beneficial info on Static Electricity facts for kids video and quickly expand your young kids’s curiosity to discover simplified science facts about Static Electricity.

This Static Electricity video is meant for children, from ones partaking in early learning programs for Kindergarten children, leading to 5th grade, clearly alongside young kids and toddlers schooled in their.

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