Best Strange Facts Video for Kids


Don’t miss an excellent special and extremely easy to understand Strange Facts science facts for kids video:

                                                Strange Facts

This world is a fascinating place and there are a lot of amazing things happening around us. There are a lot of wild and wacky strange facts that you can use to stump your friends and parents.

  • Slugs have 3,000 teeth and 4 noses.
  • Scents smell better through your right nostril than through your left.
  • Astronauts’ footprints stay on the moon forever. There is no wind to blow them away.
  • Recycling one can save enough energy to run a TV for 3 hours.
  • Wearing a hat on your head helps warm your feet.
  • Some Giant jellyfish have tentacles that can stretch more than the length of a basketball court.
  • Gorillas burp when they are happy.
  • Palm trees grew at the North Pole about 55 million years ago.
  • Mice can have up to 105 babies a year.
  • 99% of people can’t lick their elbows but 90% of people who see this will try.
  • The world’s tiniest seahorse is smaller than a postage stamp.
  • About 61% of your body weight is water.
  • Forest fires can travel faster uphill than downhill.
  • If you continued to grow as fast as an average baby, you’d weigh about 413,300 pounds by age 10.