Best Water Glasses Video for Kids


                                             Musical Water Glasses

In this video, you will see a single man play the song on a number of glasses with varying amounts of water in them. It is very fascinating for kids who might want to try making sounds with water glasses themselves. The song was played accurately by the man.

Required Materials: –

  • Identical water glasses
  • Plastic spoon
  • A pitcher full of water
  • Measuring cups

Procedure: –

  • Arrange all the water glasses in a line.
  • Fill all the glasses up with varying amounts of water.
  • Make sure you are keeping the increment equal.
  • Now your musical water glass scale is ready.
  • Tap the glasses with plastic spoon and enjoy the amazing sounds they make.
  • You can start experimenting by changing the amount of water in each glass.

Concept: –

Each glass makes a sound when you tap its side with the spoon because it causes a vibrating sound wave. This sound wave travels through the water and then reaches your ear. The varying amount of water makes the water travel at a different speed and causing vibrations at different frequencies.