Diet Coke and Mentos Video for Kids


Captivate yourself watching a terrific special and really easy to comprehend Diet Coke and Mentos video:

                              Diet Coke and Mentos Experiment

The diet coke and mentos experiment is also known as a soda geyser. The name is given because when the mentos are dropped in the soda bottle it causes the carbonated beverage to spray out of the bottle. It is one of the most popular experiments of modern times.

Requirements: –

  • 2-litre bottle of diet coke
  • A packet of mentos (standard mint flavor)
  • paper

Procedure: –

  • Make sure to try this experiment outside in a lawn or abandoned field.
  • Now open the bottle of diet soda. You can use regular soda as well but that contains sugar and it will be difficult to clean up the mess after the experiment.
  • Diet soda contains artificial sweeteners and is not sticky at all.
  • Place the bottle on the ground so that it does not tip over.
  • Take 7-8 mentos and put them in a geyser tube made by rolling the paper.
  • Cover the bottom of the tube with your finger and place it directly over the mouth of the bottle.
  • Now remove your finger and all the mentos will be dropped in the bottle at the same time.
  • Run away to stand at a certain distance and you will find the amazingly huge eruption of the diet coke.

Concept: –

The soda has invisible carbon dioxide gas that makes it bubbly. Mentos have tiny pits on its surface so these pits cause to produce more bubbles. The process of bubbling is called nucleation.