Endangered Species


An endangered species is one that is in danger of becoming extinct. These animals become endangered through overhunting, disease, or loss of habitat. Often, a combination of factors is part of their struggle. If we do not help them, they will likely become extinct.

Fun Facts

  • Only 1,600 Addax remain on the earth. Also known as the white horn antelope or screw horn antelope, this grazing animal moves slowly, making it a prime target for hunters in the Sahara Desert.
  • The Hawaiian monk seal faces extinction due to disease, human encroachment, fishing nets, and previously hunting. About 1,100 monk seals are left.
  • 1,000 mountain gorillas remain in the mountains of Uganda and Rwanda. These animals are prey to hunting, disease, and loss of habitat.
  • 700 island fox live on the Channel Islands off the coast of California. These animals were hunted for their furs almost to extinction.
  • Bactrian camels (the kind with two humps) are facing a tough time in their native environments of India, Pakistan, China, and Mongolia. Only about 800 remain in the world.
  • Nearing extinction, the Philippine Eagle numbers around 500. Hunting and deforestation have led to its decline.
  • The amur leopard of Russia is hunted for its beautiful fur. Only 300 remain.

Questions and Answers

Question: What is being done to help endangered animals?

Answer: Many organizations work with local groups to educate them about endangered animals and help them find solutions.

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