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Galileo Galilei Biography Video for Kids

Galileo Galilei Facts for Kids Video - Portrait of Galileo Galilei
Galileo Galilei Facts for Kids Video - Portrait of Galileo Galilei

                                             Galileo Galilei Biography

Galileo Galilei was born on February 15, 1564 in Pisa, Italy. His father Vincenzo Galilei was a well known musician and music theorist. Galileo was a mathematics professor. He made pioneering observations that are the foundation of modern physics and astronomy. He is also credited with the invention of a telescope but in actual he did not really invent it and made a superior one as compared to the existing telescope in 1609. He supported the Copernican theory which stated that the Sun was at the center of the solar system. He was also sentenced to life imprisonment for that.

Quick Facts: –

  • He is known as the father of modern science as he played a major role in the scientific revolution.
  • He made several important discoveries about gravity and inertia. He also developed a predecessor of the thermometer.
  • He was a great admirer of Johannes Kepler’s work on planetary motions and often wrote to him.
  • Galileo began to study medicine at the University of Pisa but later changed to mathematics and philosophy.
  • He was appointed as chair of mathematics at the universities of Pisa and then Padua from 1589 to 1610.
  • He published ‘The Operations of the Geometrical and Military Compass’ in 1604 that revealed his skills with experiments and practical technological applications.
  • Galileo discovered four moons of Jupiter: – Ganymede, Io, Callisto and Europa by using his own telescope.
  • He had three children with a Venetian woman Marina Gamba out of wedlock.
  • He also worked on Compass and pendulum clock. He actually improved on their models.
  • He initially supported The Aristotelian view but eventually drifted away and because of this he gained an unpopular status within the society.