Little Big Planet Facts for Kids Video


Entertain yourself watching this picked and extremely simple to understand Little Big Planet easy science for children video:

                                                  Little Big Planet

Little Big Planet is a puzzle platformer video game. It is often shortened as LBP.  It is only made for PlayStation 3. This game was introduced on March 7, 2007, by Phil Harrison. This game is created by Media Molecules. You have to start the game as a sack boy or sack girl. There are 6 different themes of levels and the player’s aim is to complete those levels. It is a well-designed game with interesting levels. This game is able to stand out from the crowd because of its refreshing take on an expansive level creator. It is an amazing experience from beginning to end with unique challenges.

Fun Facts: –

  • Little Big Planet 3 has a mode that allows you to create your own top-down game with high quality.
  • The community is the most important and popular thing about the game. You can create and share your own levels as well.
  • LBP 3 is backward compatible. It has all the LBP1 and LBP2 creations in it.
  • With each new adventure, you will learn how to create levels in this game during your travels with sack boy.
  • Little Big Planet 3 has a brief single player game option.
  • LBP 3 has fully featured tools. It offers different portals like teleporters, instant zip lines etc.
  • It also offers BlinkBall. It is a gadget that lets you fire a small projectile at special targets.
  • The content curation gives a lot of ways to browse the gargantuan amount of material produced.
  • Latest versions of the game offer a lot of pre-built functionality that allows throw together gameplay.