Fun Magnet Activities



Have you ever wondered why do strong magnets have such an attractive force? Magnets have a huge application in our daily lives. Magnets are a lot of fun to play with but sometimes they can be very much dangerous. As swallowing a magnet can lead to serious injuries like small holes in stomach or intestine, blood poisoning or internal blockage. There are a number of fun things that can be done with magnets.

  • Take a shoe box and put a piece of paper at its bottom. Then place a few drops of paint and put a paper clip on this paper. Now take a small magnet and move it around underneath the box and watch the colour blend.
  • Draw a maze on a piece of paper and start solving it by using a paper clip. Move the paper clip by moving a magnet underneath. Solving the maze would become more fun.
  • Put a small magnet underneath the metal clip on a pen. This way, you can easily stick this pen to the fridge.
  • A dollar bill and a VCR cassette tape can be attracted by using a magnet.
  • Take some iron fortified cereal in a bowl. Add some water to it and mix well. Then place a magnet in a plastic bag and put in the cereal bowl. When you take the plastic bag out, you will see the iron dust on the plastic bag which has been used to fortify the cereal.
  • You can use a magnetic white board to stick your stuff or use a magnetic paint on wall to make it a poster wall.
  • Magnets can be used in a wall mounted knife holding block.