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                                                  Mode in Math

There are three different types of averages in mathematics which are Mean, Mode and Median. Each of these three central tendencies has its own purpose of use. Mode in math can be defined as the number which appears the most often in a given data set. It can be found out by arranging the data in an ordered list so that it is easier to see which data point occurs most frequently. Mode can be used in places where other averages cannot work. Mode is the average that is found out by using the value occurring for the highest number of time.

Quick Facts: –

  • If a data set has two values that occur for the same number of times then it has two modes and is called a bimodal data set.
  • You can find the mode of a data set by counting how many times a number appears in that.
  • Just similar to another measure of central tendency which is median, mode also remains unaffected by the outliers.
  • If the given data set does not have any repeating values then it has an irrelevant mode.
  • This type of average can be used to find the most common item. It is mainly used for groups that have no mathematical values.

Example: –

If a data set is given to you as follows-

{78, 56, 68, 92,  84, 76, 74, 56, 68, 66, 78, 72, 66, 65, 53, 61, 62, 78, 84, 61, 90, 87, 77, 62, 88, 81}

If we calculate the mode for this valued group, we will count how many times a particular value.

Here, 78 is the mode of this data set as it appeared in the data set for three times which is the highest.