Mt Aconcagua Video for Kids

                                              Mt Aconcagua Facts

Mount Aconcagua or Cerro Aconcagua is the highest mountain in South America. It is one of the seven summits. The word Aconcagua has been derived from the word ‘Akon-Kahuak’ that means ‘Stone Sentinel’. It is the largest mountain outside of Asia. In actual, it is an extinct volcano. It was active approximately 9.5 million years ago. The generally accepted height of Mt Aconcagua is 22,841feet above sea level.

Quick Facts: –

  • Mount Aconcagua is the second highest of the seven summits. Mount Everest is the first.
  • Swiss climber Matthias Zurbriggen was the first one to climb the mountain. In 1897, he made this solo ascent.
  • The official climbing season for this mountain is mid-November to March.
  • This mountain is located in Mendoza Province, Argentina.
  • On an average, three climbers die on mount Aconcagua while trying to reach the summit.
  • French climber Adrienne Bance was the first lady to climb the mountain. She made this record in 1940.
  • It takes approximately 21 days to climb the Mount Aconcagua.
  • This mountain has a surface area of 71,000 hectares.
  • The first winter ascent to Mt Aconcagua was made by H. Vasalla, F. Godoy and E. Huerta in 1953.
  • Paul Güssfeldt was the first one who made an attempt to reach the summit of Mount Aconcagua but due to a hurricane, he descended.
  • Mount Aconcagua is about 160 kilometres from the Pacific Ocean. In sunny days, Pacific Ocean can be seen from the summit.