Nikola Tesla Biography Facts for Kids Video


                                                Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla was an electrical engineer and one of the most formidable physicists in the history of science. He registered more than 300 patents and became famous for developing AC (Alternating Current), while his work was an important initial step in various developments in wireless communications, radar, X-rays, robotics and many more. He is often called one of history’s most important inventors whose discoveries were way ahead of his time and continue to influence technology today. He was born in 1856 in a town called Smiljan, now known as a part of Croatia but at that time, located within the borders of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. His career as an inventor began early at the age of just 26. He started working at the Central Telegraph Office in Budapest. He is reported to have first sketched out the principles for a rotating magnetic field. This important idea is still being used in many electromechanical devices. This major achievement laid the spadework for many of his future inventions, including the alternating current motor and ultimately led him to New York City in 1884, enticed by Thomas Edison and his pioneering manufacturing company, Edison Machine Works. It is often said that Tesla was a brilliant a scientist but an equally terrible businessman. He was not able or probably not willing to see the commercial value behind his ideas.

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But beyond his brilliant work, some particular sides of his life are still unspoken in the pages of history.

  • He was born during a lighting storm.
  • The Tesla museum was funded by a cartoon.
  • He and Edison were rivals but not sworn enemies.
  • He had the idea for Smartphone technology in 1901.
  • Tesla suffered from insomnia and obsessive compulsive behaviours (OCD).
  • He could not stand the sight of pearls. Once he refused to speak to a women wearing them.
  • He had a photographic memory and a fear of germs.