November 21st in History


On November 21, 1871, the first ever human cannonball, Emilio Onra was fired. On the same day in 1906, China prohibited the opium trade.

1729: – Treaty of Seville was signed by the Netherlands.

1759: – Prussian Army surrendered to Austrians during the Battle at Maxen.

1789: – North Carolina ratified the constitution and became the 12th US state.

1791: – Colonel Napoleon Bonaparte was promoted to General and appointed Commander-in-Chief of the Armies of the French Republic.

1834: – HMS Beagle anchored at Bay of San Carlos, Chile.

1865: – Shaw University was formed in Raleigh, North Carolina.

1871: – The first ever human cannonball, Emilio Onra was fired.

1877: – Thomas Edison was announced the invention of Phonograph. He called it the ‘talking machine’ the first one to play and record sound.

1905: – The first game ever played in the Australian Tennis Open.

1906: – China prohibited the opium trade.

1918: – Two German ammunition trains exploded in Hamont Belgium and caused 1,750 deaths.

1924: – The British Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin cancelled Labour contract with USSR.

1970: – General Hafez al-Assad became Prime Minister of Syria.

2012: – An Israel and Hamas ceasefire was negotiated.

Days on November 21: –

  • National Stuffing Day
  • World Television Day
  • National Red Mitten Day