November 27th in History


On November 27, 1972, Pierre Trudeau formed Canadian government. On the same day in 1994, Julio Maria Sanguinetti was elected President of Uruguay.


1095: – Pope Urban III preached 1st Crusade.

1826: – John Walker invented friction match in England.

1839: – American Statistical Association organized in Boston.

1901: – US Army War College was established in Washington D.C.

1910: – New York’s Penn Station was opened as world’s largest railway terminal.

1925: – German parliament ratified treaty of Locarno.

1926: – Italian and Albania signed the Peace Treaty.

1944: – US 121st Infantry regiment opened assault on Hurtgen.

1945: – General George Marshall was named special US envoy to China.

1966: – Uruguay adopted a constitution.

1971: – Soviet Mars 2 became 1st spacecraft to crash land on Mars.

1972: – Pierre Trudeau formed the Canadian government.

1973: – US President Richard Nixon signed the emergency Petroleum Allocation Act.

1991: – Cuban poetess Maria Elene Cruz Varela was sentenced to 2 years.

1994: – Julio Maria Sanguinetti was elected President of Uruguay.

2013: – Tiger Woods was named PGA Tour’s player of the year for the 11th time.


Marked Days on November 27: –

  • Naval Infantry Day (Russia)
  • National Craft Jerky Day
  • National Bavarian Cream Pie Day