Palace of Versailles


Palace of Versailles is a royal palace located in the Ile-de-France region of France. This unique palace was created by King Louis XIV. This is one of the greatest architectural masterpieces Europe has ever known. It was one of the few castles in France that wasn’t located near a river.

King Louis employed the best architects for the design of the palace, Andre le Notre for the gardens, Louis le Vau for the architecture, and Charles le Brun for the decoration.


Quick Facts: –

  • Palace of Versailles is a former French royal residence and center government and now a national landmark.
  • The palace became King Louis XIV’s official residence in 1682.
  • The famous Hall of Mirror of the royal palace contains total 357 mirrors crafted by master glassmakers brought in from Venice.
  • During the French Revolution, this palace was abandoned.
  • Originally it served primarily as a hunting lodge and private retreat for Louis XIII and his family.
  • Palace of Versailles is the second most visited monument in France.
  • It opened to the public as a museum in 1833.
  • The palace was accessible by members of the public who would grace the palace for royal audience as well as a stroll.
  • The gardens of the Palace of Versailles cover more than 30,000 acres area. There are 400 sculptures and 1400 fountains in the gardens.
  • Both Peace of Paris treaties were signed in this palace. It became a place to end wars.