Palm Sunday


Palm Sunday falls on the Sunday before Easter every year. It is also the sixth Sunday and final day of Lent. This Christian holiday is all about peace and salvation. The day is basically observed to mark the occasion when Jesus rode on a donkey and entered Jerusalem. It is called Palm Sunday because people in Jerusalem threw palm leaves on the floor to greet Jesus.

It is also known as Branch Sunday or Passion Sunday. People head to church to pay their respects to Jesus and reflect on the sacrifices he is said to have made.


Quick Facts: –

  • While celebrating Palm Sunday, palm leaves are blessed and then collected and burned into ash.
  • The ash of the palm leaves is used in the following year’s Ash Wednesday celebration.
  • People also distribute crosses made out of palm leaves and wear them.
  • This is done because the palm leaves are considered as a symbol of goodness and victory. The liturgical color of the day is red.
  • The reason why Jesus rode a donkey is that in those times, it was common for kings or important people to arrive by a procession riding on a donkey.
  • It also fulfilled prophecy from the Old Testament about the Messiah, the saviour of Israel.
  • The donkey is a symbol of peace so riding on it showed the person has peaceful intentions.
  • Palm Sunday also marks the start of the holiest weeks in the entire Christian calendar.