Science Fair Project Ideas for Middle School for Kids Video


                                    Science Fair Project about Eggs

This is a great video that gives ideas for middle school science fair project with eggs. With this video, kids will be able to find some fun projects they can do. The video shares ideas like finding out what shape the eggs’ rolling pattern is, why a raw egg will keep spinning even when you gently stop it while a hard-boiled egg will immediately stop, why spinning a hard-boiled egg will cause it to stand while spinning a raw egg will stay flat, and other science fair projects that involves eggs. This video will explain each experiment idea they give and talks about what is the scientific concept behind each experiment.

When you get an egg the first thing you notice that it is not exactly round and this is because eggs are supposed to roll in somewhat circular paths. You can do a science experiment based on what shape the egg roll. You can change the speed at you roll or measure carefully whether it is a circle or some other shape but an egg will not roll in a straight line. That’s the idea so the egg does not roll away from the chicken.

Another thing you might want to do with eggs. It has to do with the way that they roll or spin. Take two eggs, a fresh egg from the refrigerator and a hard-boiled egg. Spin both the eggs. You will see that the fresh egg keeps spinning even after you applied a force to stop it. It happens because this egg has liquid in it and when you stop the egg, the liquid keeps spinning.

If we spin a regular egg really fast, it stays pretty much flat. If we do the same with a hard-boiled egg, it will stand up.