Science Projects for 5th Graders Facts for Kids Video


                                Science Projects about Buoyancy

This video features one of the most interesting science projects about buoyancy. This experiment is about how does something float and how does something sink?

Materials Required: –

  • Two pieces of identical clay
  • Two bowls of coloured water
  • Weighing scale
  • Two large containers

Procedure: –

  • Take two pieces of identical clay.
  • With the help of a weighing scale, weigh these pieces and they are almost same in weight.
  • Take two bowls of coloured water and place them in big containers so that you can collect the spills.
  • Take one piece of clay and place it in the water.
  • You will see that clay sinks in the water.
  • Take another piece and mold it in the shape of a boat.
  • When you place this in the bowl of water, it will stay afloat.
  • Take the spills from each container and weigh them separately.
  • You will find that piece of clay that stayed afloat displace more water as compared to the other piece.

Concept: –

In order to stay afloat in water, an object must displace the same amount of water as it weighs. The concept on which this experiment works is ‘Buoyancy’. It can be defined as a force applied by a fluid on a body immersed in the fluid.