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Static Electricity Experiments Video for Kids


This video demonstrates a fun static electricity experiment.

                                    Static Electricity Experiment

Static electricity can be defined as building up an electric charge on the surface of an object. The best example of static energy is, when you come inside from the cold and your hair stands on end.

Static Electricity Experiment: –

Requirements: –

  • Two inflated balloons
  • Your hair

Procedure: –

  • Take one balloon and rub it against your hair. You will see that the balloon will stick to your hair. Your hair and balloon both are attracted to each other.
  • Now take another balloon and rub both of them against your hair one by one. Then try moving the balloons together. What will happen?
  • One balloon will push the other balloon away because now they are not attracted to each other.

Concept: –

Rubbing the balloons against your hair creates static electricity. Negatively charged particles (electrons) jump to positively charged object. After rubbing them against your hair, balloons become negatively charged. This is the reason that they are not attracted to each other because they have same charge.



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