Temple of Artemis


The Temple of Artemis was built to honour Artemis, the Olympian goddess of the moon and of hunt. This temple is considered one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. It was built in Ephesus which would be near Seluck, Turkey today. It was situated through the marshes to the southwest of Ayasuluk Hill.

It was first built in around 800 BC and then destroyed in the 7th century. Reconstruction of the temple started in 550 BC and the entire work took around 10 years. The second temple was four times larger than the first one. It is also known as the ‘Temple of Diana’.


Quick Facts: –

  • The temple had 127 columns, each with a height of 60 feet.
  • Second time, the temple was burned to the ground by Herostratus. He set the fire to make himself famous.
  • The Temple of Artemis may have been the first ever building which was constructed of Marble.
  • The temple was rebuilt for the third time but destroyed again in 268 A.D.
  • It was used as a house of worship Artemis and as well as a marketplace.
  • Remnants of the Temple of Artemis can be seen in the British Museum in London, England.
  • The temple was not rebuilt after the third time because the cost of construction was too high.
  • This classic and iconic temple was designed by Cherisiphron, an architect from Crete along with his son Metagenes.
  • The design was very much different from the typical rectangle portico which was common to Greek temples of that particular time.
  • Artemis is often depicted carrying a bow and arrows.
  • The remains of the structure were first discovered in 1869 by John Turtle Wood, an English architect and engineer on a deliberate search.