The Human Skeleton Facts for Kids Video


                                            Human Skeleton Facts

Human skeleton is an important and complex structure. It gives shape to our body and helps us to move. It has some tasks like protecting organs, storing fat, making blood cells. Basically, human skeleton is divided into two sections: –

  • The Axial Skeleton: – It is composed of the skull, the sternum, ribs and vertebrate column. It is located in the midline of the body. This section also includes some other smaller bones which are not connected.
  • The Appendicular Skeleton: – This section of human skeleton is composed of limbs and their associated bones. Bones of hands, arms, feet and legs as well as the scapula (shoulder blade), the clavical (collar bone) and the pelvic bones.

Quick Facts: –

  • At the time of birth, the human skeleton is made up of approximately 300 bones but they diffuse over time and end up with 206 bones.
  • Bones of our skeleton grow continuously from birth to our mid 20s.
  • Our bones re-grow and repair themselves if broken.
  • Calcium is very important for our bones to keep them healthy.
  • Although our teeth are not counted as bones but they are a part of our skeletal system.
  • Middle part of human bones contains a soft and flexible tissue substance, bone marrow that makes up 4% of our body mass.
  • The branch of learning about human skeletal is known as orthopaedics.
  • Femur is the biggest and strongest bone in our body. It extends from hip to knee. If broken, it takes months to heal.
  • Stirrup bone is the smallest bone in our body. It is located in our middle year.
  • The only joint less bone in our body is the Hyoid bone.