Types of Tigers Video for Kids


                                                 All about Tigers

Tigers are the largest of all the members of the big cat family. They are also the only member to have stripes. Every tiger has a unique pattern of stripes. There are various subspecies of tigers which are Bengal Tiger, Sumatran Tiger, Siberian Tiger, Malayan Tiger, South China Tiger, and Indochinese Tiger. They are good swimmers and can swim up to 6 kilometers. An adult tiger can weigh up to 363 kg. They are carnivorous creatures and generally feed on mammals like pigs, deer, buffalos etc.

Fast Facts: –

  • They are solitary hunters and generally hunt during the night.
  • The tiger fossils found in parts of China are believed to be about 2 million years old.
  • They are considered a symbol of strength in many cultures.
  • The Siberian tigers are the largest. They are also known as Amur. They can grow up to 10.75 feet.
  • The Sumatran tigers are the smallest. They can grow up to 5-7 feet.
  • Tigers use the weight of their body to knock the prey down.
  • They are extremely territorial creatures and mark their territories.
  • Their mating season starts in November and ends in April.
  • Females have a gestation period of approximately 103 days. They have a litter size of 3-4 cubs.
  • The Cubs do not leave their mother until they are about 2.5 years old.
  • At full speed, a tiger can reach up to 65km/h.
  • There are three subspecies of tigers have gone extinct which are the Caspian tiger, Javan tiger, and Bali tiger.
  • Tigers are native to Asia but now their range became much smaller.