Venus the Planet Facts for Kids Video


Take a few minutes to watch from the really most effective personally picked and really easy to understand Venus the Planet easy science for kids video:

Venus the Planet Video Summary

Learn some interesting facts about planet Venus when you watch this video. In this video, you will learn how Venus is a nearly Earth’s double because both planets have the same size and mass, where Venus’ name came from and how up close, Venus is a very dangerous looking planet. The video also talks about how scientists think Venus lost all of the planet’s water, how it is dominated by carbon dioxide causing a greenhouse state throughout the planet and how the atmosphere in Venus is about 90 times greater than the atmosphere we have here on Earth, which is one of the reasons the planet’s landscape has a very odd surface.

This is a beneficial Venus the Planet facts for kids video and significantly grow your little ones’ understanding of Venus the Planet.

This Venus the Planet video is good for your children, from those engaged in early learning programs for Kindergarten kids, till grade five, certainly likewise for pre-school youngsters and kids who are schooled at home.

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