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What is a Gyroscope Video for Kids


                                              Gyroscope Facts

A gyroscope can be defined as a spinning wheel in which the axis of rotation can assume any orientation by itself. If rotated, the axis remains unaffected. Gyroscopes are generally used for maintaining or keeping a track of orientation. They are also used for stabilization of flying vehicles.

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Quick facts: –

  • A gyroscope seems to defy the gravity of earth.
  • It is at rest in a zero-gravity environment.
  • An aeroplane uses more than 10 gyroscopes which are installed from autopilot to compass, almost everything.
  • They are used to measure the angular velocity.
  • In a gyroscope, an inner wheel which spins rapidly will maintain its direction in space even if some changes will be made in the outside framework.
  • The sensitivity of a gyroscope is measured in mV per second.
  • They are also used in inertial navigation systems where magnetic compasses cannot work.
  • In 1852, Leon Foucault was the first one to introduce a device which was similar to modern gyroscope.
  • A gyrostat is a variant of a gyroscope. The first gyrostat was designed by Lord Kelvin.



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