Fun & Easy Science for Kids

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Welcome to If you love science, you’ve come to the right place for Easy Science for Kids at Home, homeschooling, kindergarten or after-school enhancement programs. Our site will help you as a parent, teacher or tutor to enhance your kids’ development with fun science facts, science activities, science videos, FREE downloadable science worksheets and interactive science quizzes. At Easy Science for Kids website you can find out the difference between an alli…Read More



Learn all about Animals – everything from hedgehogs to salamanders, elephants to plankton, spiky or hairy…

Enter the Animal Kingdom

Wild Animals Image

Human Body:

Your body is more amazing than any machine on earth. Your Brain works like a highly complex ____? Discover fun facts about your heart, eyes, teeth…

Learn about your body

Human Body for Kids Image - Easy Science for Kids All About the Human Body


Rain makes the grass green and it makes your garden grow. Have you ever wondered what makes rain though?

Learn about your Weather

All About the Weather for Kids Image Seasons of the Year image

Forms of Matter:

Discover all about Physics, Chemistry and Technology for kids.
How to make light? What’s Magnetism?

Learn about Matter

Forms of matter for kids - lightbulb imageForms of Matter - Water Cycle ImageSolid States of Matter for Kids Image ExampleImage of Bridge for KidsMagnetic Field Image - Easy Science for Kids All About Magnets and forces of push and pullCar Engine Image for Kids - All About Engines

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Plants & Gardening:

Are pretty flowers, healthy vegetables and oxygen-giving trees all innocent, or do some plants poison, kill and even eat meat?

Enter Kingdom of Plants!

Plants for Kids Image

Earth Science:

Where does the core of our planet release its gasses and fire-hot lava rivers from? Why do tornadoes pose such a danger and what makes hurricains grow?

Learn about Earth Science

Earthquakes Image - Easy Science for Kids All About Earthquakes

Natural Wonders of World:

What is Rainbow Bridge if it isn’t a rainbow? Do nasty goblin Giants kill people in the Causeway? Did Victoria fall down the falls? What is Uluru and why is it holy?

More Natural Wonders

Man-made Wonders of the World Image for Kids Natural Wonders of the World Image for Kids Planets and Solar System Image for Kids


Famous people’s biographies – Who are the movers and shakers who changes our world and are part of its history? Will you be the next one?

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