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Below are just a few of the topics you’ll find:

Animal Kingdom for Kids - Easy science for kids
Learn about Animals; hedgehogs, salamanders, elephants, plankton, lions, dinosaurs and more!

Animals, including everything from hedgehogs to salamanders, elephants to plankton and from farm to wild animals.

Read All About Animals…


Plants and Gardening for children
All About Plants and Gardening

Plants and Gardening
Find out all About Plants…

What makes a seed grow? What is a seed? How does it become a tree and can you too grow a tree or a plant?
Can a plant eat meat?!

All About The Human Body for Kids -Anatomy and Physiology
The Human Body – Anatomy and Physiology


Human Body:
Learn about your body and its different parts, functions, muscles, bones and systems.

Discover fun facts about your heart, lungs, brain, eyes, teeth and much much more!

Take some interactive quizzes about your body, do the hidden word puzzles and watch some interesting videos on how your body works!

Oceans and Sea Life for kids
Oceans and Sea Life


The Oceans are a wonderful and wondrous place where creatures big and small live… Creatures you’ve never imagined could exist and some whom are as old as life itself… Marine life is amazing.

Enter the kingdom of the deep!

Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Mountains:
Learn All About Earthquakes, Volcanoes and much more….

 Earth Science for Kids all about Rocks
Different Types and Characteristics of Rocks & Mountains
Easy Science All About Volcanoes for Kids
All About Earthquakes & Volcanoes
The Four Seasons for Kids
The Four Seasons for Kids


Learn all About Weather, weather forecasting instrumentsrain, snow, Typhoons and Hurricanes, sand storms and the different Seasons of the year….

Natural Wonders
Natural Wonders of World

The wondrous world Around Us
Know About Natural Wonders Like Rainbow Bridge, K2, Durdle Door etc.

Easy science about solar system and planets for kids
The Solar System
Forms of matter science for kids
Forms of matter – Solid, Liquid, Gas

Forms of Matter
Learn About Forms and States of Matter and Similar Concepts…

Batteries and Circuits
Batteries and Circuits

Electricity and light….

Easy physics for kids - electricity and current science for kids
Electricity and Current

and their Magnetic powers of attraction…

Magnets and Magnetism
Engines science for kids
Engines and Motors

Engines and motors, trains, machines and computers

All about Computers for Kids
Computers and Computing
Roads, bridges and tunnels for kids
Roads, Bridges and Tunnels

Learn About amazing Man-made Roads, Bridges and Tunnels…..

Biographies of famous scientists for kids to learn
Biographies of Famous Scientists

Learn and know about famous and historical scientists and important inventors….

All about science for kids has this and more, so get started! Have fun with your pre-K kids, kindergarten kids, pre-school kids, grammar school kids, or your homeschooled kids!